Care Tips

Beaded Jewellery Care Tips

To ensure a long and happy life for your beaded accessories, follow the simple care tips below:
-Store in a cool, dry place
-Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time
-Remove before entering water (such as a bath, shower, or swimming pool)
-Avoid direct contact with lotions and perfumes
-Remove prior to exercising and sleeping


Fur Care Tips

Although it may be tempting to pet your fur earrings as a way of appreciating and showing off their soft fur tufts, it is important that you try to refrain from touching them in excess. Much like our own hair, the oils from our hands can make the fur a bit greasy. By refraining from touching them  as best you can and following the above tips for beaded earrings,  you can get the most out of your fur earrings!