Plains Cree Baby Milestones


This set of 12 milestone discs features Plains Cree and Indigenizes the contemporary newborn baby theme! These make a great gift for any expectant parents to proudly show off their newborn baby!

12 Month Rounds Read: peyak pisim (one month), nîso pisimak (two months), nisto pisimak (three months), newo pisimak (four months), nîyânan pisimak (five months), nikotwâsik pisimak (six months), tepakohp pisimak (seven months), ayinânew pisimak (eight months), kekâmitâtaht pisimak (nine months), mitâtaht pisimak (10 months), peyakosâp pisimak (11 months), peyak askîy (one year).

Each disc is made of durable acrylic PMMA and measures approximately 4″ wide. The lettering is fashioned from permanent high-quality vinyl while the paint is made of premium Behr Marquee paint.

Would you prefer a set in an Indigenous language other than plains Cree? Interested in a colour not shown here? Feel free to reach out, and I would be happy to work with you to make your vision a reality.

As I am still learning Cree, if an error was unintentionally made in the above translation, please do not hesitate to reach out, and I would be happy to correct the error.

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