Sunset Hummingbird Earrings with Removable Badger Fur Poms


When you look West towards the setting sun, what do you see? Hues of orange, blue, purple, yellow, and sometimes gold when you catch it at golden hour.

This pair of earrings is inspired by sunset over the prairies in an attempt to capture the diverse hues the creator has graced us with. Each earring is hung on 14K-gold plated hooks and have a line of 24K gold beads flowing through the hummingbird’s body. Edging each earring are stunning 5-mm Swarovski beads that mirror the same breath-taking hues in all their shimmer. Both earrings are backed with split deerskin hide to round off their elegance. Finally, each earring features a detachable badger fur accent pompom, giving you the control to decide the level of flair you want to rock each and every day.

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